Is Motorola Coming out with a New Flip Phone in 2022?

Motorola shocked the world with the launch of two Razr-branded foldable phones last year. The original Razr hit the market in early 2020, while an improved 5G version was launched during the festive season in October. By that logic, we should now expect Motorola’s new coming out Flip phone Razr 3 in 2022. Sadly, we may have to wait until mid-2022 to see the new Razr 3 2022 model.

When is Motorola Coming out with a New Flip Phone in 2022?

Motorola has delayed production of the next-generation Razr from this year to late 2022. Sources did not comment on specific reasons for the delay, but the issue should relate to the chip shortage currently plaguing the world. Alternatively, Motorola may spend extra time to ensure that critics don’t find flaws in their next product.

Motorola is going to release a New Flip Phone in 2022

Expected to be called the Razr 3, the phone won’t launch until mid-2022. However, the tweet has since been deleted. Therefore, it is likely that Razr will be further delayed until next year.

The Razr 5G uses Snapdragon 765G chip. Also, this phone only has a single 48-megapixel main camera and a 20-megapixel internal video calling camera. The 2.7-inch Quick View display is the only rewarding factor for the Razr 5G.

Delays in the launch of the new Razr 3 may result in lower prices for existing Razr models.

Motorola Razr and Razr 2020, 2021 Edition Moto’s foldable now have plenty of older models to build on to make something amazing. Hopefully, the company has learned from the previous two devices.

The Motorola Razr 5G is a new foldable product, but a sequel to its sequel. It’s no different from the old idea of ​​combining a flip phone with the foldable display technology of 2020.

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